To ensure that Eco Clean satisfies the highest possible standard, all our products are Ecocert certified. Ecocert differs from other environmental labelling schemes by putting a great deal of emphasis on the ingredients used. These should, as far as possible, be of 100% natural origin. Plants are renewable energy sources – Fossil fuels are not.


Ecocert is originally a French labelling system for organic products, which is internationally recognised as a consumer assurance of sustainability and transparency.

Eco Clean shares this approach to environmental awareness and the Ecocert labelling requires us to commit to:

  • Promoting the use of ingredients that are of 100% natural origin and that are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes
  • Precise indication of all ingredients in the product, as well as documenting the precise percentages of ingredients of natural origin and organic ingredients
  • Not using synthetic perfumes or colouring agents.
  • The use of no type of phosphates in the products.


Ecocert Cosmos Organic is a labelling scheme under Ecocert that is typically used in connection with personal care products. Ecocert Cosmos Organic has the same high standards as Ecocert in terms of the products’ naturalness, but it also requires that at least 10% of the ingredients are organic.


All Eco Clean plastic bottles are made from old bottles. Accordingly, new plastics are never used to manufacture a bottle of this type, which is called a PCR-bottle.

100% VEGAN

All of our products are 100% vegan.


All the ingredients in our products are 100% biodegradable.