Production facility in Holeby

All our products are made in Denmark at our small factory on the island of Lolland, located in a scenic setting and surrounded by windmills. Onsite we have our dedicated Eco Clean chemist, who works closely with our development team in Copenhagen to develop our unique formulas, in accordance with the certification requirements of the Ecocert standards. Daily operations at the plant are overseen by our dedicated team of local employees, who strive every day to live up to our aim of producing high-quality, effective and gentle cleaning- and personal care products, based on natural ingredients. The first Eco Clean bottle was created in our factory in 2013, and in February of 2016 we created the final recipe that earned us the Ecocert certification, marking a significant milestone in the history of Eco Clean Nordic. Our plant is currently the only one in Denmark with both the Ecocert and Ecocert Cosmos certification.